Campaign Videos

Learn why LeVette's vision for Shreveport is unique and
what she will do as mayor to address our biggest challenges.

Reducing Crime – Part 1: Helping Shreveport Police

It’s no secret: Shreveport has a major crime problem. While we all have different ways we want to fix crime, there’s something we can all agree on: Shreveport Police officers are underpaid for the work they do and they don’t have the equipment or support they need to be at their best every day. These issues are a major factor in why we haven’t been able to fill the over 100 vacancies in the Shreveport Police Department and why we aren’t able to effectively keep Shreveport residents safe. Here’s what I’ll do to correct that problem.

Reducing Crime — Part 2: Investing in Neighborhoods and Jobs.

Solving crime isn’t just about having the right number of police officers on duty, it’s also about the way we invest in our neighborhoods, the quality of life we build, and the jobs we create. Every neighborhood deserves the dignity of a decent quality of life, which impacts mental health and outlook which addresses despair at its root. But having a nice place to live isn’t the whole picture either — we have to have good paying jobs so that people can choose a career instead of crime.

Blight: Why Shreveport has so much blight and how to fix it.

Why are so many neighborhoods in such bad shape? Why doesn’t the city do something about it? The truth is that there are many ways that homes can become blighted. From property passed down to next of kin who doesn’t live here to unscrupulous landowners — but the challenge is the process. Shreveport needs to put policies in place to prevent properties from falling into disrepair and to help potential property owners and developers rebuild our core neighborhoods.

How rebuilding downtown Shreveport can help everyone

Downtown Shreveport has a lot of our favorite word: potential. While many buildings have been or currently are being restored, more is needed to bring downtown back to its former glory as a hub for business, culture, and economic development. Learn how fixing downtown can work to benefit the entire city.

Broken roads and pipes: Why we never seem to be able to catch up.

Why can’t we afford new roads? Why is our stuff always broken?! Good questions. The answer comes down to how much we have to take care of and how few people we have to pay for it. Find out what sprawl and annexation have to do with how far your taxpayer money can go and what we can do to correct the problem.

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