There are many urgent issues facing Shreveport today.
LeVette's approach to these challenges is focused on results.

LeVette Understands That Infrastructure is an Investment in People and the Economy.

As a resident of Highland and co-founder of ReForm Shreveport, LeVette sees first hand the infrastructure problems that plague our city. She knows that research shows that when we invest in infrastructure, we are also investing in families and preventing crime. Shreveport deserves smoother roads, new sidewalks, and beautiful parks. In order to have nicer neighborhoods, though, we have to plan how we will pay for them. We cannot consider further bonds before determining our return on investment. In other words, until we know whether the bond money was used effectively and efficiently for its intended purpose, we cannot spend more money.

To maximize the impact of infrastructure spending, we need to cap annexation. LeVette will not expand our city’s boundaries before we take care of the people and resources we already have. Due to Shreveport’s sprawl, police officers, firefighters, EMTs, and sanitation workers are all spread too thin. Our Public Works Department also struggles to maintain water lines, sewer lines, and drainage. However, repairing our infrastructure can help us support local businesses and create jobs. LeVette will work to give contracts for infrastructure repair to local companies, so our neighbors can have new employment opportunities, and we can all benefit from working drains, sewer lines, and water lines; safer sidewalks and roads; and updated parks and community facilities. LeVette understands that revitalizing our infrastructure will revitalize our neighborhoods by making them safer, friendlier, and happier places to live and work. When we focus on our neglected core neighborhoods, we strengthen our whole city.


What has LeVette already done to improve infrastructure?

  • Proposed a measure to suspend further annexation and reduce strain on city resources.
  • Funded sidewalk repair in downtown.
  • Worked with ReForm Shreveport to create a website where citizens can communicate easily with government about water outages.
  • Hosted a town hall about infrastructure issues with representatives from the Metropolitan Planning Commission and the Department of Property Standards.
  • Voted against the Cross Bayou Development, which would have expanded infrastructure without the money to maintain it.