Fiscal Responsibility and Transparency

There are many urgent issues facing Shreveport today.
LeVette's approach to these challenges is focused on results.

LeVette Understands That Building Trust in Government Means Being Responsible and Transparent.

During her time on Shreveport City Council, LeVette has insisted on transparency time and time again. Our community has the right to know how their tax dollars are spent and they deserve to see results. LeVette respects our hard-working citizens and will only spend their money with careful planning and strategic use of resources. She plans spending with the goal in mind. She will not chase the newest, flashiest technology or toothless initiatives. LeVette will invest our tax dollars into programs and repairs proven to benefit our community and improve our daily lives, and she will not propose more bonds unless they offer guaranteed results. With LeVette as mayor, our citizens will not wonder where their tax dollars are going– they will see results!

LeVette will share a detailed budget written in plain language with the community, so citizens can see and understand what their tax dollars fund. LeVette will look at the whole picture and find expenditures that address multiple problems at once, so that Shreveport receives maximum return on investment. For example, when we repair roads and clean up litter, we improve neighborhoods for families, but we also make neighborhoods more attractive for local and national businesses. Transparency will also be of primary concern during all bidding and contract processes between Shreveport and businesses. LeVette will prioritize giving contracts to local businesses to keep money in our city where it can help us grow into the safe, vibrant Shreveport we envision.


What has LeVette already done to promote fiscal responsibility?

  • Voted against a bond proposed by Mayor Perkins because it required further consideration
  • Proposed a pause on annexation until the city can obtain funds to pay for the maintenance of infrastructure within the annexed land
  • Voted for raises for police and firefighters to attract new officers as we are currently understaffed
  • Opposed awarding an inexperienced contractor a recycling contract unless there was a performance bond to guarantee fulfillment of the contract