LeVette Fuller

Last night wasn’t the result we wanted, but I’m proud of our campaign. I’m thankful for every volunteer and donor who believed in me enough to show up. Thank you for giving your time, donations, and encouragement.

Thank you for showing up. Really. A lot of people say they will but don’t. Our political environment too frequently gets compared to sausage making. What it takes to clean it up is people with fortitude and too few people are built for it.

Ella Baker said “strong communities don’t need strong leaders." We have to strengthen our communities and build our capacity as citizens. When we do, our elected leaders can only choose to listen to the truths we tell to power. When we do that, we also cultivate the leaders we need. If we want a strong city, we need strong citizens that believe in their power and understand the potential and trajectory of their choices.

I hope new young leaders will step up.

I hope other voices will emerge that change the conversation.

Our best hope for that to happen is to give them shining examples to follow who will mentor them instead of telling them to wait their turn. Sadly, the mentors they need are still waiting for the mentors they themselves needed (and never received) to recognize their complicity in our current failures and get out of the way.